Constructing of New Houses 
A dozen of Partner's In Development (PID) volunteers,traveled to Glendora Ms to construct new houses for individuals 

Glendora Garden 

Gives the youth from age 13 on up a job during the summer time to help grow healthy food for themselves and other.  Squash, Peas, Okras, Tomatoes, Etc. 

Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center 
Birthday Celebration of Emmett Louis Till July 25th 

Sonny Boy Williamson Bed & Breakfast 
Housed individuals that comes out of town and needs somewhere to stay

Glendora After School Program
Volunteers help  students with homework after school

Glendora Computer Room

Volunteers guide, watch and monitor the computers to make sure when  the students are on them,  they are on a constructive Websites. The Computer Room are also used for people to come check out book and read. Adults can come and use the computers for school work or to apply for jobs. 

Glendora Day

Glendora Day is Octobter 1, 2016 which is our 3rd annual to commemorate 61 anniver of the Emmett Till trial.

Village of Glendora Ms in Glendora

Recent Projects

Village of Glendora MS


Founded: 1990

Glendora started as a small sawmill site. Logs were floated down the river from around the vicinity of Webb to be sawn there.
The first settlement developed two miles south of Glendora at Black Bayou. When the railroad was built through the territory in 1883, a station was located there and called Glendora. The town immediately grew. A post office was established and a voting precinct was established. Thus, the inception of Glendora in 1900.